One Focus With Many Moving Parts.Enrollment marketing is not a singular activity.

A multifaceted view of enrollment marketing

Multiple channels, at appropriate times, to build enrollment



Hard working, talented, dedicated and singularly focused – helping our clients exceed their goals.

  • Staff by Department
  • Market Research & Enrollment Consulting

    Market Research & Enrollment Consulting

    Dave Black

    VP, Consulting & Market Research

    Jeanne Gosselin

    Senior Consultant, Enrollment Management and Marketing

    Dana Evans

    Senior Consultant, Enrollment Management and Marketing
  • Design & Production

    Design & Production

    Bob Oxman

    VP, Creative Services

    Mary Pederson

    Creative Director

    Brian Kelley

    Associate Creative Director

    Rosanne Jennings

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Walt Schmidt

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Nick DeNucci

    Graphic Designer, Illustrator

    Jim Mitchell

    Lead Designer

    Chrissy Corrado

    Production Designer

    Katy Bastas

    Associate Creative Director, Experience Designer

    Virginia Strouphauer

    Experience Designer

    Becky Wagner

    Experience Designer

    Angela Moramarco

    Digital Design Manager

    Kelly Kautz

    Senior Copywriter

    Alan Pettit

    Senior Copywriter

    Chandler Robertson

    Copywriter, Social Content
  • Interactive Development

    Interactive Development

    Ryan Pudloski

    VP, Web/Interactive

    Josh Barlup

    Director, Development

    Kevin Knoll

    Sr. Interactive Developer

    Chad Keller

    Sr. Interactive Developer

    Larry Daugenbaugh

    Sr. Interactive Developer

    Dan Leister

    Interactive Developer

    Matt Ferguson

    Interactive Developer

    Nathan Huff

    Interactive Developer

    Daniel Bryant

    Interactive Developer

    Jamie Serra

    Sr. Technical Project Manager

    Greg Cooper

    Technical Project Manager
  • Multi-Media Marketing

    Multi-Media Marketing

    Jim Paskill


    Bill Kobel

    VP, Strategy & Intergrated

    Kristin Convery

    Media Manager

    Ryan Pudloski

    VP, Web/Interactive

    Brian Aitken

    Managing Director NYC, Head of Paid Media & Analytics

    Kevin Knezic

    Director, Social Media Content
  • Media Production

    Media Production

    Paul Grosso

    VP, Media Production

    Jill Sailer

    Lead Account Manager

    Jason Menicheschi

    Sr. Account Manager

    Sarah Ozark

    Account Coordinator

    Traci Gallagher

    Manager, Media Production

    Frank Rowland

    Lead Producer/PM

    Mike Isbell

    Sr. Producer/PM

    Robert Wood


    Stephanie Couch


    Michelle Bertini


    Anna Jensenius

    Coordination Producer

    Wayne Schaeffer

    Resource Manager

    Wayne Broderick

    Manager, Production

    Jeffery Haskett

    Live Events Supervisor

    Chris Zentmeyer

    Live Events Production Manager

    Anthony Jenks

    Director of Photography

    Joe Gusherowski

    Manager, Post Production

    Robin Kerrick

    Sr. Editor

    Kris Zajac

    Sr. Editor

    Jonathan Lobaugh

    Video Editor

    Jeff Gray

    Sr. Motion Graphics Designer

    Josh Miller

    Motion Graphics Designer

    Dustin McGarvey

    Digital Asset Technician

    Kurt Allen

    Digital Media Technician

    Jason Slenker

    Sr. Engineer
  • Account Strategy

    Account Strategy

    Bill Kobel

    VP, Strategy & Integrated Communications

    Jessica Walter

    Account Strategist, Internal Communications

    Michael Fagan

    Account Strategist, Media

    Jon Elordi

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    Cody Arnold

    Paid Media Specialist
  • Account Management

    Account Management

    Kelly Seipe

    Director, Account Management

    Melissa Shirk

    Manager, Integrated Account Services

    Lydia Kirlin

    Senior Account Manager

    Angela Wenner

    Senior Account Manager

    Kelsey Dewalt

    Account Coordinator

    Valerie Myers

    Account Coordinator

    Jackie Talley

    Resource Manager

    Tiffany Thoreson

    Digital Project Manager
  • Business Development

    Business Development

    Matt Daly

    VP, Client Solutions

    Janet Sieff

    Director, Business Development

    Jessica Melhorn

    Director, Client Solutions
  • Jim Paskill

    Jim Paskill


    James E. Paskill – Jim has more than 25 years of success in higher education marketing with extensive experience in academic advertising, design, and communications programs. He’s been the primary contact for all PS&L major accounts since inception of the firm in 1986, and PS&L’s project leader for all advertising and media accounts. Jim is far more than a theorist, he works directly with clients and is active in all aspects of a campaign. A frequent and highly-sought after national presenter on higher education marketing, Jim grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and graduated with degrees in journalism and advertising from Temple University. He thrives on the vibrancy of the higher education market. “It’s a moving target, reinventing itself almost annually,” he says.

  • Luke Kempski

    Luke Kempski


    Embracing change and making it work.

    That’s a topic Luke knows a lot about from his JPL experience. Luke joined JPL in 1989 as the company’s first video writer/producer. By the mid ’90s, he was leading the JPL charge into the ever-evolving world of interactive media.

    Since becoming president of JPL in 2004, Luke has led game-changing efforts to evolve JPL as a strategic, integrated communications company. Beneath Luke’s low-key style burns a personal passion for learning and improvement that is never-ending. That passion is also reflected in the company’s programs, innovation and team members. And it extends beyond the doors of JPL. Luke serves as the CEO of JPL subsidiary d’Vinci Interactive. He also lends his leadership and expertise to numerous educational and community organizations. Currently, Luke serves on the Bishop McDevitt school board and the Holy Name of Jesus parish council.

  • Mary Pedersen

    Mary Pedersen

    Creative Director

    Making smart ideas even smarter.

    Mary joined JPL in 2008 and provides creative direction for client brand strategies, web strategies and integrated advertising campaigns. Mary mentors designers and writers to ensure on-target, forward-thinking solutions, contributing to their development as creative strategists.

    She has a passion for helping her 35 team members and partners push the boundaries of imagination, dig deeper for strategic insights, and employ new technology in unexpected ways. Mary helps keep the lines of communication open between different disciplines and departments, so that they can work in tandem to deliver the best solutions for every client. She is also instrumental in JPL’s new business pursuits, from strategic planning through presentation. Mary is a member of AIGA and the Society of Design.

  • Greg Cooper

    Greg Cooper

    Technical Project Manager

    With over 15 years of experience in web design and development, Greg sets clients apart from the competition with unique and engaging interactive solutions. Jokingly referred to as a unicorn, his rare combination of design, development and leadership skills provide a holistic approach to client work. Greg holds himself and his team to a high standard of quality and strategic vision with every project, never settling for good enough. He believes in the mantra “form follows function”—a product’s design should be influenced by putting its intention and user’s needs first. Greg joined the PS&L team in 2018, bringing 7 years of JPL experience with work in higher education, industrial, medical and consumer packaged goods.

  • Dave Black

    Dave Black

    Vice President, Consulting & Market Research

    David W. Black – With more than 25 years of experience in higher education marketing, planning and consulting, and staff development, Dave not only oversees the PS&L team but gets his hands dirty as he engages with research and consulting clients across the country… and he’s an adept teacher and coach. In the course of the last 12 months, Dave has worked on more than two-dozen campuses for marketing assessments, market research, staff development and enrollment marketing consulting. Born in upstate New York and with a B.A. in Economics from St. Bonaventure University and an M.B.A. from Western New England University, Dave is a resident of coastal North Carolina who is not only a higher education marketing practitioner, but a user/buyer. With four daughters – three in college and one in high school — he experiences first-hand how colleges seek out, engage and interact.

  • Bob Oxman

    Bob Oxman

    Vice President, Creative Services

    Bob Oxman – Bob came to PS&L a little more than 15 years ago with a variety interesting professional and creative experiences, including senior art director for one of the world’s largest agencies. Now with more than 30 years as a creative professional, he’s a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts), who chose to explore a multifaceted approach to life as an artist and designer. Those facets included work in metalsmithing, industrial design, graphic design, television/radio writing and production, copy writing and publication design. He applies that multiplicity of skills to every project. What Bob brings to PS&L is a seasoned attitude toward the creation of design; and the importance of a strategy for success as a critical element of design best practices.

  • Susan Cort

    Susan Cort

    Director of Communications

    Getting the word out to the world. 

    Susan is responsible for JPL’s public relations, community relations and internal communications and helps lead the agency’s social media efforts. Before joining JPL in 2005, Susan was a local TV news anchor and reporter, a radio talk show host and PR executive. So, she understands what makes reporters tick – providing meaningful stories that will pique the media’s interest in JPL. And, she champions JPL’s internal culture, assuring messages, milestones and triumphs are relayed to the troops. Susan also holds leadership roles with a number of civic and non-profit organizations including the Downtown Hershey Association, Hershey Rotary Club and Hershey Symphony Orchestra. She also serves as an elected official in her community.

  • Paul Grosso

    Paul Grosso

    VP, Media Production

    Taking video to unexpected places.

    Paul has been with JPL since 2001, furthering the technological and team leadership expertise for internal and external clients alike. He leads a cadre of talented and creative production professionals: videographers, motion graphics artists, video storytellers, technicians, audio engineers and digital media specialists.

    Paul’s expertise ensures clients can receive end-to-end media production solutions from inception, planning and creative development through final digital distribution. He oversees creative development and script writing, location and studio production, visual effects and video editing, audio production, meetings and events planning and execution, plus broadcast and digital distribution.In his free time, Paul is active in his local community and professional organizations.

  • Matthew Grams

    Matthew Grams

    VP, Finance

    Matthew optimizes JPL’s financial processes to help drive productivity and ensure client satisfaction. He brings vision and long-term thinking to the agency and understands how finance, operations and technology work together. Coming from a Big Four accounting firm and having an entrepreneurial background, Matt is a master of balancing multiple projects and large, diverse teams. Prior to JPL, he was an auditor, senior accountant, controller, VP of Operations and CFO. Outside of JPL, Matt invests time with his family and serves as a volunteer with his church.

  • Bill Kobel

    Bill Kobel

    VP, Strategy and Integrated Communication

    Building brands with solid strategy.

    Bill has played a key leadership role in growing JPL from a successful production company to a full-service, integrated communications firm. He manages the company’s strategic client offerings, including brand strategy, digital marketing strategy and campaign planning.

    Bill began his career in corporate marketing more than two decades ago, and prides himself on making sure the brand promise and pillars are embedded in all facets of a client’s business. His conviction is that brand is only successful when it connects with the client’s audiences at every touch point, and must be woven into the very fabric of their organization. Bill lends his professional expertise to the community as chairperson of the board of directors of Central Pennsylvania College, and is a member of the American Marketing Association.

  • Matt Daly

    Matt Daly

    VP, Client Solutions

    Creating wins through client collaboration.

    Matt partners with prospective clients to extend their marketing reach, streamline their processes and grow their businesses. A JPL presence for more than 15 years, Matt served as director of client strategy and manager of web solutions prior to his current position.

    His diverse industry, client and professional experience gives him the big picture perspective needed to guide JPL teams to deliver strong results-oriented programs. Matt is all about building brands and enhancing bottom lines for every JPL client. He has also piloted JPL’s new business efforts through an era of unprecedented growth. Matt has been a speaker for professional associations and events, serves on the board of directors for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania, and plays bass in a rock band with other JPL co-workers.

  • Jeanne Gosselin

    Jeanne Gosselin

    Senior Consultant, Enrollment Management and Marketing

    Jeanne Gosselin — When Jeanne came to PS&L in 2005 it was with 20 years of progressive experience in admissions, enrollment and enrollment marketing at varied institutions. The expertise that Jeanne brings to each project is balanced between understanding the day-to-day pressures of working in the field, and best practices developed from consulting with hundreds of colleges in today’s competitive marketplace. Her attitude is positive, her perspective realistic, and her vision is what’s best for the college, as well as providing support for its mission and people. She holds a B.A. in English Communications from North Adams State College and an M.S. Ed., from Hofstra University.


  • Walt Schmidt

    Walt Schmidt

    Graphic Designer

    Walt Schmidt — A graduate of Bucks County Community College, his low-key demeanor belies a creative mind that is always hard at work. Walt has more than 20 years designing marketing materials with the end user in mind. For PS&L clients he’s designing online advertising, print and outdoor media. “It’s not a matter of form vs. function. It’s both elements working together that make for a successful project,” he says.

  • Dana Evans

    Dana Evans

    Senior Consultant, Enrollment Management and Marketing

    Dana Evans — Dana came to PS&L after an extensive career spent in-house at various colleges, including serving as a dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. Born and raised in the south, Dana is a graduate of Furman University who wants to take admissions departments out of their imposed silos and bring them better internal recognition. A nationally-recognized expert on the topic of recruiting and marketing to adult students, she has more than 25 years experience in higher education admissions, enrollment management, and marketing. At PS&L she facilitates focus groups, conducts interviews, crafts research instruments, and develops observations and recommendations on the findings as related to clients’ admissions, recruiting, and marketing. “When we do branding, we don’t just deliver the messages, we also train the college’s faculty and staff, basically on how to use the messages. Training is very important in brand messaging.”

  • Nick DeNucci

    Nick DeNucci

    Graphic Designer & Illustrator

    Nick DeNucci — A graduate of Kutztown University with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of graphic design and illustration, Nick uses positive and negative space to bring a visual sense of balance to advertising, print, outdoor media work, logos, spot art, and icons. He also illustrates beautifully rendered campus maps and eye-catching college athletic mascots and identities, and is the genius behind PS&L’s annual holiday cards.

  • Cathy Donovan

    Cathy Donovan

    Agency Marketing Director

    Cathy Donovan – a higher education professional with more than a decade serving in various communications roles at Rutgers, most recently as Assistant Dean of Communications at Rutgers Law School. Cathy graduated cum laude from the University of New Hampshire and earned an MA in English with a thesis of distinction from Rutgers University. With agency experience at firms in Philadelphia and New Jersey, she most recently led the marketing and communications efforts for a conservation service provider that supported several national utilities. At PS&L, Cathy is implementing a marketing plan to promote the company’s presence at trade shows, training workshops, and annual conference; she also manages the website, social media, and agency publications.

  • Kristin Convery

    Kristin Convery

    Media Manager

    Kristin Convery — With 20 years experience researching, planning, buying, and placing higher education advertising, Kristin graduated with a B.A. from Cabrini College, and her education continues with ongoing media training. For PS&L she manages nationwide media placements for multi-million dollar account clients and is well-versed with national, regional, and local media advertising. Kristin is also a skilled negotiator in all forms of media.


  • Janet Sieff

    Janet Sieff

    Business Development

    Phone: (412) 904-3133
    Janet Sieff —  Janet’s diverse, 30-year higher education marketing background is a perfect fit for her role as PS&L’s Business Development Manager. Serving as a conduit, she matches PS&L services to client needs. She has been there, done that, and has a true empathetic viewpoint. Her off-campus experience includes consulting for college cost affordability, tuition payment plan implementation, online media campaign sales, lead generation, college prep content sales, and strategic planning for national branding. She has also developed a financial aid book for high school students with more than one million copies distributed. You might also cross paths with Janet at a professional conference, like the AMA’s Higher Education Marketing Conference, where she often presents and represents the firm. Janet grew up and resides in Pittsburgh, and has a B.A. from Youngstown State University.

  • Rosanne Jennings

    Rosanne Jennings

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Rosanne Jennings — With 15 years of experience in higher education publications and advertising design, PS&L’s senior multi-media designer does indeed design award-winning work in all media, including web pages and publications. Rosanne graduated with a B.F.A. from Philadelphia’s Moore College of Art & Design.

  • Kelly Seipe

    Kelly Seipe

    Director, Account Management

    Managing, mentoring and moving the needle. 

    As Director, Account Management, Kelly leads and mentors our talented team of account managers and account coordinators. She is also at the helm in navigating Hershey’s digital programs, serving as chief strategist and primary client contact.

    Kelly knows a thing or two about building accounts from her extensive experience with residential and commercial building products clients. Her communications and marketing background also includes Harrisburg-based retail giant Rite Aid and cable news outlet MSNBC. That diverse experience and passion to produce results are powerful assets that can benefit every JPL client.

  • Ryan Pudloski

    Ryan Pudloski

    VP, Web/Interactive

    Making technology work for clients. 

    In his decade of service to JPL, Ryan has advanced from web developer to Director of Technical Solutions. That’s because he’s advanced the way JPL uses complex technology to serve clients, streamlined internal operations and pushed the digital envelope to unexpected places.

    In his management role, Ryan oversees the development, functionality and quality assurance of each project. He’s also a hands-on leader who has architected and developed large Rich Internet Applications utilizing a variety of technologies. From matching technologies with tasks to creating innovative custom solutions, Ryan does it all.

  • Traci Gallagher

    Traci Gallagher

    Manager, Media Production

    Messaging through media.

    Traci sprinkles a little magic into JPL’s media production kingdom as she helps streamline media production for corporate videos, television commercials and multimedia event presentations. She also manages the producers, project and resource managers on the media production team.

    With JPL since 2010, Traci last worked with the characters in Orlando and served as Disney Youth Markets manager and event producer, where she helped produce the Emmy Award-winning ABC Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade. Traci is a certified special events planner and a leader of JPL’s social activities. She never misses a chance to get a good party going for the staff.

  • Jason Menicheschi

    Jason Menicheschi

    Senior Account Manager, Meetings and Events

    Creating excitement in real time.

    Creating excitement in real time. Jason leads JPL’s live event business. He works hand-in-hand with clients to create events that meet their business goals, communicate their messages and wow their audiences.

    Jason also serves as a liaison between JPL clients and the Meetings and Events team, keeping the most complex plans on budget and on schedule. He joined JPL in 1995, and has served in several positions within the visual media area of JPL. Jason understands live events are all about educating, motivating and changing the behavior of the audience. He also knows live events can be a stressful task for clients to manage, so he handles every aspect of the process for them. Despite his unpredictable schedule at JPL and on the road, Jason finds the time to coach youth soccer and volunteer for ALS charities that are dedicated to research and hopefully finding a cure someday.

  • Jill Sailer

    Jill Sailer

    Senior Account Manager

    Producing video and wowing clients.

    The explosion of web video has made Jill one of JPL’s most sought after players. Jill has been with JPL since 2001, serving as Multimedia Project Manager, Associate Producer and Media Producer Manager before assuming the position she holds today.

    Jill is the liaison between clients and the media production team, making sure communication is smooth on split-second schedules. Jill’s diverse media background includes radio, interactive, events and video production. That’s given her the knowledge to help clients understand the power of video across multiple mediums. Jill personifies JPL’s unique culture, and her creative energy makes company meetings and events memorable and fun. Jill also donates her time to Bowl for Kids’ Sake to benefit Capital Region Big Brothers Big Sisters.

  • Meredith McCann

    Meredith McCann

    Human Resources Manager

    Empowering the people of JPL.

    Meredith has a passion for making the team member experience a positive one. She’s worked across several different industries and knows how to recruit, engage and retain employees. She loves to coach our people and find new ways to make the workplace culture great. Meredith stays active in the field as a member of The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and holds its senior certification. She is also involved with HR Professionals of Central PA, Harrisburg Young Professionals and other Harrisburg area community organizations.

  • 120 talented, dedicated, marketing-obsessed professionals


From the smallest private colleges to some of the largest public universities, PS&L is proud to have partnered with some of our nation’s finest institutions.

Currently featured in portfolio:
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Comprehensive client list:

  • Community & Two-Year Colleges
    • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
    • Andover College
    • Arkansas State University-Beebe/Newport
    • Atlantic Cape Community College
    • Bainbridge College
    • Barton County Community College
    • Brainerd Community College
    • Bucks County Community College
    • Cabrillo College
    • Central Maine Community College
    • Central Ohio Technical College
    • Chowan College
    • Cleveland State Community College
    • Coastal Carolina Community College
    • Cuyahoga Community College
    • Delaware County Community College
    • Dutchess Community College
    • East Georgia College
    • Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
    • Finger Lakes Community College
    • Franklin Institute of Boston
    • Green River Community College
    • Hudson County Community College
    • Iowa Western Community College
    • Itasca Community College
    • Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
    • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    • Jefferson Community College
    • Johnson College
    • Junior College of Albany
    • Labette Community College
    • Laramie County Community College
    • Manor College
    • Massachusetts Bay Community College
    • Mid South Community College
    • Middle Georgia College
    • Middlesex County Community College
    • Mississippi County Community College
    • Montgomery County Community College
    • New York College of Health Professions
    • Northeast Community College
    • Oakland Community College
    • Pasadena City College
    • Pasco-Hernando Community College
    • Paul Smith’s College
    • Phillips Community College
    • Pratt Community College
    • San Jacinto College South
    • Southwestern Michigan College
    • Spartanburg Methodist College
    • Thomas Nelson Community College
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  • Educational Consortia & Associations
    • American Association of Bible Colleges
    • Arkansas Department of Education
    • Educational Consortia and Associations
    • English Language Institute China
    • Georgia Department of Technical & Adult Education
    • National Foundation of the March of Dimes
    • Pennsylvania System of Higher Education
    • School District of Lancaster Pennsylvania
    • Springfield Mental Health Consortium
    • The American Cancer Society
    • The Crosier Order (Catholic Order of Priests and Brothers)
    • The Monson Free Library
    • University Park
    • Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
    • YMCA
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  • Four-Year Colleges
    • Adrian College
    • Agnes Scott College
    • Albany College of Pharmacy
    • Albertson College of Idaho
    • Albion College
    • Alder School of Professional Psychology
    • Allegheny College
    • American International College
    • Anna Maria College
    • Aquinas College
    • Assumption College
    • Augustana College
    • Baltimore International College
    • Bay Path College
    • Benedictine College
    • Bethany College
    • Bethel College
    • Bloomfield College
    • Bluefield College
    • Brescia College
    • Brevard College
    • Bryant College
    • Buena Vista College
    • Buffalo State College
    • Cabrini College
    • Carthage College
    • Cazenovia College
    • Centenary College
    • Chatham College
    • Chestnut Hill College
    • Christendom College
    • Cleveland Institute of Art
    • Cleveland Univesrity
    • Coker College
    • College of New Rochelle
    • College of Saint Mary
    • Covenant College
    • Cumberland College
    • D’Youville College
    • Darton State College
    • Delaware Valley College
    • Dominican College (NY)
    • Elms College
    • Emmanuel College
    • Fisher College
    • Florida Hospital College of Medicine
    • Georgetown College
    • Gordon College
    • Goshen College
    • Great Basin College
    • Green Mountain College
    • Greenville College
    • Grove City College
    • Hanover College
    • Hartwick College
    • Hastings College
    • Holy Cross College
    • Hondros College of Nursing
    • Huntingdon College
    • Indiana Tech
    • Infilaw System
    • Kean College of New Jersey
    • Kentucky Wesleyan College
    • Kettering College of Medical Arts
    • Lafayette College
    • Lake Erie College
    • Lebanon Valley College
    • Lemoyne-Owen College
    • Lesley College
    • Lincoln College
    • Lindsey Wilson College
    • Lyndon State College
    • Macon State College
    • Marian College
    • Marygrove College
    • Maryland Institute College of Art
    • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
    • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
    • Medaille College
    • Memphis Academy of Arts
    • Pikeville College
    • Portland School of Art
    • Pratt at Munson-Williams-Proctor
    • Principia College
    • Rhodes College
    • Roanoke College
    • Robert Morris College
    • Roberts Wesleyan College
    • Rosemont College
    • Saginaw Valley State College
    • Saint Mary’s College
    • Saint Michael’s College
    • Saint Vincent College
    • Salem College
    • Simpson College
    • Spelman College
    • Spring Hill College
    • Springfield College
    • St. Catharine College
    • St. Joseph’s College
    • Tennessee Wesleyan College
    • Thiel College
    • Thomas College
    • Thomas More College
    • Trinity College
    • Tusculum College
    • Union College
    • Warner Southern College
    • Wells College
    • Wesleyan College
    • Western New England College
    • Westminster College of Salt Lake City
    • Westmont College
    • William Paterson College
    • York College (Nebraska)
    • York College of Pennsylvania
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  • Military Service Academies
    • United States Air Force Academy
    • United States Coast Guard Academy
    • United States Merchant Marine Academy
    • United States Military Academy at West Point
    • United States Naval Academy
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  • Primary & Secondary Schools
    • Chesterbrook Academy
    • Crosier Seminary Prep
    • Fairfield College Preparatory School
    • Germantown Academy
    • Goshen Friends School
    • Hargrave Military Academy
    • Kent Denver School
    • La Salle High School
    • Merion Mercy Academy
    • Pioneer Valley Christian School
    • Ranney School
    • Seton High School
    • Spencer School
    • The Harpeth Hall School
    • The Hill School
    • Valley Forge Military Academy
    • Wilbraham & Monson Academy
    • William Penn Charter School
    • Willie Rose School for the Deaf
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  • Seminaries
    • Baptist Bible College and Seminary
    • Bethany Bible College
    • Grace College and Seminary
    • Hebrew Union College
    • Jewish Theological Seminary
    • Maryknoll School of Theology
    • Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College
    • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
    • St. Hyacinth College and Seminary
    • Steinbach Bible College
    • United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities
    • Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School
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  • Technical Colleges & Institutes
    • Alabama Aviation and Technical College
    • Atlanta Technical School
    • Carroll Technical College
    • Central Ohio Technical College
    • Columbus Technical College
    • Culinary Institute of America
    • East Central Technical College
    • Gateway Technical College
    • Griffin Technical College
    • Gwinnett Technical College
    • Heart of Georgia Technical College
    • Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
    • Lanier Technical College
    • Middle Georgia Technical College
    • Moraine Park Technical College
    • Moultrie Technical College
    • North Arkansas Community and Technical College
    • Northwestern Technical College
    • Norwalk State Technical College
    • Ogeechee Technical College
    • Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
    • Petit Jean Technical College
    • Pulaski Technical College
    • South Georgia Technical College
    • Southeast Arkansas Technical College
    • Southeastern Technical College
    • Southern Arkansas University Tech
    • Staples Vocational Technical Institute
    • Swainsboro Technical College
    • Texas State Technical College
    • Thomas Technical College
    • Upson Technical College
    • Valdosta Technical College
    • Wadena Technical Institute
    • West Georgia Technical College
    • Wichita Area Technical College
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  • Universities
    • Alfred University
    • Anderson University
    • Andrews University
    • Angelo State University
    • Arcadia University
    • Arkansas State University
    • Ashland University
    • Augusta State University
    • Ave Maria University
    • Averett University
    • Avila University
    • Baker State University
    • Binghamton University
    • Black Hills State University
    • Bloomsburg University
    • Bluffton University
    • Briar Cliff University
    • California State University-Dominguez Hills
    • California State University-Fullerton
    • Campbell University
    • Cedarville University
    • Central Methodist University
    • Central Michigan University
    • Central State University
    • Chapman University
    • Charleston Southern University
    • Clayton State University
    • Colorado State University
    • Columbia University School of Engineering
    • Concorda University
    • Concordia University – Ann Arbor
    • Concordia University – Austin
    • Concordia University – Irvine
    • Cornell University
    • Des Moines University
    • Dickinson State University
    • Drexel University
    • Earth University
    • Eastern Connecticut State University
    • Eastern Kentucky University
    • Eastern New Mexico University-Portales
    • Ediboro University
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    • Emporia State University
    • Fairfield University
    • Fairleigh Dickinson University
    • Faulkner University
    • Ferris State University
    • Fisk University
    • Fitchburg State University
    • Florida Adventist University of Health Sciences
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Florida International University
    • Fort Valley State University
    • Franciscan University of Steubenville
    • Friends University
    • Gallaudet University
    • Gardner-Webb University
    • George Mason University
    • Georgia Southwestern State University
    • Grand Valley State University
    • Gwynedd Mercy University
    • Hollins University
    • Holy Family University
    • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • Indiana University-Purdue University
    • Indiana Wesleyan University
    • Iowa Wesleyan University
    • Jacksonville University
    • Judson University
    • Kentucky Christian University
    • Kettering University
    • Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
    • Lake Superior State University
    • LaSalle University
    • Life University
    • Lincoln University
    • Lock Haven University
    • Long Island University
    • Long Island University C.W. Post Campus
    • Malone University
    • Marshall University
    • Marymount University
    • Marywood University
    • Mckendree University
    • Mercer University
    • Metropolitan State University of Denver
    • Middle Tennessee State University
    • Midland University
    • Millersville University
    • Minnesota State University Moorhead
    • Mississippi University for Women
    • Monmouth University
    • Montana Tech of the University of Montana
    • Montclair State University
    • Mount Vernon Nazarene University
    • Murray State University
    • National American University
    • Neumann University
    • New Jersey City University
    • Newman University
    • North Park University
    • Northern Arizona University
    • Northern Illinois University
    • Northern Kentucky University
    • Northwood University
    • Oakland University
    • Ohio Christian University
    • Ohio Wesleyan University
    • Oklahoma Baptist University
    • Oklahoma Christian University
    • Old Dominion University
    • Palo Alto University
    • Penn State University
    • Penn State University – Behrend
    • Penn State University – Greater Allegheny
    • Penn State University – Harrisburg
    • Point Park University
    • Prairie View A&M University
    • Quincy University
    • Rowan University
    • Russell Sage College
    • Sacred Heart University
    • Saint Francis University
    • Saint Leo University
    • Saint Louis University
    • Salem-Teikyo University
    • Schreiner University
    • Seton Hall University
    • Shepard University
    • Shorter University
    • Slippery Rock University
    • Southern New Hampshire University
    • Southern Oregon University
    • Southern Wesleyan University
    • Spalding University
    • Spring Arbor University
    • St. Bonaventure University
    • St. Gregory’s University
    • St. Mary’s University
    • St. Thomas University
    • State University of New York (SUNY) Canton
    • State University of New York (SUNY) Oneonta
    • SulRoss State University
    • Teikyo Marycrest University
    • Texas State University
    • Texas State University-San Marcos
    • Towson University
    • Trinity International University
    • Troy State University
    • Truman State University
    • University of Akron
    • University of Arkansas
    • University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff
    • University of Baltimore
    • University of Bridgeport
    • University of Central Florida
    • University of Detroit Mercy
    • University of Dubuque
    • University of Evansville
    • University of Great Falls
    • University of Houston-Clear Lake
    • University of Indianapolis
    • University of Maine
    • University of Maine-Farmington
    • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
    • University of Maryland University College
    • University of Massachusetts Boston
    • University of Massachusetts Lowell
    • University of Miami
    • University of Michigan-Dearborn
    • University of Michigan-Flint
    • University of Minnesota-Morris
    • University of Missouri-Kansas City
    • University of North Carolina – Greensboro
    • University of North Carolina – School of the Arts
    • University of North Carolina – Wilmington
    • University of North Carolina Pembroke
    • University of North Colorado
    • University of North Dakota
    • University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
    • University of Saint Joseph
    • University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
    • University of St. Thomas
    • University of Tampa
    • University of the Sciences
    • University of Toledo
    • University of Valley Forge
    • University of Virginia Wise
    • University of Washington – Tacoma
    • University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
    • Upper Iowa University
    • Vanguard University
    • Washburn University
    • Washington Adventist University
    • Wayland Baptist University
    • West Virginia Wesleyan University
    • Western Michigan University
    • Wheeling Jesuit University
    • Wichita State University
    • Winona State University
    • Woodbury University
    • Xavier University of Louisiana
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PS&L operates six satellite offices in four states but our office in Glenside, Pennsylvania, is our home base. Constructed in 1894, the Roberts Building is a local landmark.

  • Paskill Stapleton & Lord is proud to be creating our own history – adding to our building’s rich heritage that started in 1894.
Paskill Stapleton & Lord is proud to be creating our own history – adding to our building’s rich heritage that started in 1894.
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PS&L staff members come together every day to help clients meet their enrollment goals. Outside work, our crew can be found supporting all kinds of different causes, which we're proud to share.



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