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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Not without effective recruiting.


To recruit, engage, and retain your students during a time of great disruption and distraction means building an enrollment marketing strategy specific to your goals.

We are proud to support community colleges with a range of in-demand services making an impact in the new recruiting environment:

  • Market Research
  • Website Solutions
  • Digital and Traditional Marketing
  • Brand Strategy and Creative
  • Staff Development and Training

Empower your people.

Does your admissions team have the support and the skills needed to engage your prospects? PS&L’s Sales Management & Academic Recruitment Training (SMART) workshop strengthens the relationship-building skills required to manage prospects effectively. Available virtually or safely in person to connect and energize your team during this unprecedented time.



Because to your prospects, your online presence sets the tone for your whole relationship. A new admissions microsite for Butler County Community College is engaging prospects and motivating them to apply, on their terms.



We believe in fundamentals first.

We have partnered with dozens of community colleges across the country; from schools with 3,500 students on the East Coast to schools with 75,000 students on the West Coast, and many other states and sizes in between.

Our 30+ years experience means collaboration is seamless and the marketing strategies recommended are what’s essential to drive your enrollment and your team to success. Transformation comes to your students when they believe their education is a priority; our enrollment marketing efforts honor that with tangible results.

The Recruitment and Marketing Assessment report served as a road map for Reynolds Community College’s marketing office. We have implemented many of the recommendations and continue to utilize the assessment to assist in successfully reaching our marketing goals.

Elizabeth Littlefield VP for Advancement, Reynolds Community College

Always looking (and moving) forward.

To support your enrollment growth efforts this year and beyond, we’ve prepared a white paper detailing trends to consider while navigating the challenges ahead.

Let’s talk about your enrollment strategy.