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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Admissions & Marketing Assessment

In-depth examination of all marketing, prospect management, staffing, budgeting, and more.

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

The path forward. Strategies and tactics for marketing the College to advance enrollment and grow awareness.

Supporting Community Colleges

We know the stakes. PS&L has recently delivered services to more than 25 two-year schools across the country.

Portland Community College School Banner

One of the largest community colleges in the country, Portland experienced a dip in enrollment that warranted review. They sought a higher ed enrollment marketing partner with community college expertise to deliver a roadmap to better prospect management, marketing outreach, and more.

The Approach

PCC identified PS&L as the ideal firm to build a sustainable and strategic enrollment management and marketing operation. During the nine-month engagement, PS&L provided complex guidance on how PCC could solve its enrollment problems and strategically target the audiences most likely to grow.

Portland Community College Enrollment Chart
Portland Community College Enrollment Chart

The Results

Sometimes a college has a gut feeling about the direction they need, but no data or best practice advice on how to do it. PS&L was able to answer some of the hunches PCC had about what they need to do to improve enrollments, and at the same time dispel myths that it can’t be done because of external forces such as the economy, employment rate, and competition.

Essential to PCC’s positive path forward is having appropriate staffing levels for a school of 70,000, training those staff members, and supporting them with solid communications and marketing initiatives. Following the guidelines PS&L provided, not only will enrollments increase, but PCC will be well positioned to sustain those enrollments.

Portland Dinner

PS&L supports two-year colleges with integrative higher education enrollment marketing. Learn more about why community colleges are core to our partnerships. 

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