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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Momentum is a well-researched brand.

Our fresh insights, clear communication style, and decades of experience set our market research approach apart from other higher ed marketing firms. At PS&L we believe institutions can transform their enrollment operations with our results-driven recommendations and we design projects with this philosophy in mind.

PS&L’s highly experienced, highly approachable researchers deliver comprehensive findings and actionable next steps, based on solid data, best practices, and custom-tailored solutions to advance the goals of your institution.

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Enrollment Marketing Assessments

Our consultants have guided hundreds of institutions to improved enrollment outcomes by visiting campuses, meeting with stakeholders, and conducting in-depth analyses through the following signature assessments.

Image & Perception

To assess misperceptions and differentiators, PS&L senior consultants uncover institutional brand strengths and weaknesses that inform marketing and outreach.

Academic Program Feasibility

Our rigorous data analysis, experienced advisors, and facilitated process can improve and accelerate the evaluation of your academic offerings.

Environmental Assessment

From thriving employment sectors to anticipated future job growth, our researchers link your institution’s program offerings with career opportunities.

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Our consultants successfully support our higher ed partners. Expect substantive analysis and trustworthy counsel on what components are needed for your best path forward.

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