Yield Boot Camp 2015

Two-Day On-Campus
Admissions Training Workshop
College and university yield rates are increased one enrollment at a time, and this puts the burden squarely on your admissions staff.
Do your admissions counselors:
  • Know how to move the conversation from cost to value?
  • Ask questions to explore interest and needs?
  • Build a strong case for enrollment?
  • Make the most of campus visits?
  • Cultivate students so they commit?
  • Increase commitment levels?
  • Close the deal?

Your recruitment team will learn how to increase yield through stronger connections with students and families throughout the recruiting cycle – leading to greater levels of commitment. A half-day consultation will focus on ensuring your yield tactics and strategies generate better outcomes.

Day 1 – Training Workshop
  • Academic Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • “The Ask”
  • Lead Management
  • Dealing with Parents/Families
  • Knowing Your Competition
  • Articulating Value
  • Financial Planning
  • Optimizing Campus Visits
  • Admissions
  • Yield Programs
  • Early Registration
  • Yield Nurturing
  • Social Media
  • Orientation
Day 2 – Consulting and Strategy Session
  • Observations of the recruitment team
  • Strengths & weaknesses in the current yield strategy
  • Practical recommendations on what can be done to impact yield
Who Should Attend
  • Admissions Counselors
  • Admissions Support Staff
  • Assistant/Associate Directors
  • Adult Learning and Graduate Admissions Staff
  • Directors of Admissions
  • Coaches
  • Vice Presidents of Enrollment
  • Faculty
Cost for Yield Boot Camp 2015

Your cost for this training and consultation to improve yield is $4,950 plus travel related expenses.


portrait-jeanne-gDana Evans                         Jeanne Gosselin

 Janet Sieff                            Dave Black

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