WNTD #3 Web Edition: Primary Users

What Not To Do (Website Edition) #3:

Don’t Consider Everyone a Primary User for Your Website

Is your website focused on enrollment and advancement?
Although it’s not a popular notion, the .edu website is a marketing document – one for enrollment and one for advancement. There might be some exceptions, but the .edu site is not for everyone on campus.
It is easy for the homepage to grow out of control, there are a lot of different people that will be using the website and you want to appeal to all of them. However, when you try to do this it makes the website difficult to navigate for everyone because there is too much information on it.
It is essential to create audience-centric content and keep navigation categories and naming conventions focused and intuitive. All of this is especially difficult and important during a redesign process.
Here are some ways you can keep your website focused during a redesign:
  • Create a process and stick with it
  • Have good communication across campus
  • Designate a final decision maker – a “web police” who will listen to others, but always keep the final goal in mind
  • Reorganize or restructure navigation categories, not just add to them
  • Create a committee that can discuss changes to the website and make sure there is a strategic reason for all changes
  • Educate others on campus, on how they can utilize portal or intranet


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