WNTD #2 Web Edition: Content

What Not To Do (Website Edition) #2:

Don’t Overload on Content

High-school students and parents are going to go to your website. However, you don’t know how many students and parents go to your website and don’t inquire or find the information they need. The content you do provide on the website should be direct, concise, and of value to them. When possible, try to add a creative element such as photos, infographics, or video.
In order to provide the best content possible, it is important to develop content specifically for your website and not reuse content that was created for publications. In addition, work with web writers, not the same writers you work with for print pieces and publications. The content on your website can set the tone and message you want prospective students to have of your institution before they even set foot on campus or begin the application process.


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