The Art of Engaging Faculty to Increase Yield

Are faculty effective recruiters?

Faculty members can be great assets to the admissions office and enrollment process.

The fact is faculty members provide a measure of authenticity to the prospective student – a tempting tease to what life could be like at the college. They also present a managerial nightmare for admissions counselors – some have likened garnering faculty participation to herding cats. Organizing faculty outreach, getting commitments and then follow-through on activities invites a degree of chaos to the admissions process.

But this added effort and unique perspective is worth it because prospective students want to meet and hear from faculty. Students know that they will have little to do with their admissions contact once they enroll at the university. They know that it’s the faculty who will teach them and guide them through their academics, and can therefore provide valuable insight to the type of academic environment that can be expected once enrolled.

The data reinforce the importance of engaging faculty with prospects:

  • 60% of prospects want to have presentations given by faculty on a campus visit
  • 56% of prospects want to receive emails about academics from the program
  • 43% of prospects look for videos of faculty members
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