UNCSA Engages PS&L for Comprehensive Marketing


The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) has carefully chosen PS&L for the design of new recruitment collateral materials and implementation of an institutional advertising campaign. PS&L will undertake a robust research phase leading to a new creative approach for UNCSA’s outreach to prospects and the public. PS&L’s long-running experience with art schools, music, dance and theater conservatories makes us a good fit for a fruitful partnership with UNCSA. We’re pretty excited about it!

Market Research & Discovery
– Qualitative Research
– Quantitative Research
– Assessments
– Review of Existing Marketing Materials and Communications
– Review of Current Media and Advertising Plans

Leadership Summary and Report Presentation
Executive Summary of Findings

Strategy Development
– Integrated Enrollment Marketing plan
– Communications Flow Plan & Materials (print/electronic)

Theme and Concept Development
– Focus Groups Testing of Creative Concepts
– Creative Brief Presentation
– Photography
– Editorial Copy
– Publication Design

Founded in 1963 as America’s first public arts conservatory, The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA)  is a professional school for the performing, visual and moving image arts. UNCSA trains students at the high school, undergraduate and master’s levels for professional careers in the arts.

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Robert Oxman,

Bob is the Creative Services Team Leader with more than 18 years experience of delivering creative solutions in higher education marketing. Works mostly in print publications, video production, and advertising (print, radio, and broadcast). Most people call him Bob, but he responds to other terms of endearment.