Take Advantage of the Fallen Foe

University of Phoenix has lost half of its students.

When we talk with clients who advertise in traditional and digital media to attract students to their non-traditional programs, we often mention the 800-pound gorilla, The University of Phoenix. In particular, how can we compete against a marketing budget that is outspending many non-profits by a margin of $1,000 to $1. Based on this article by CNN, (profits down, students down, outlook down) it looks like they will need to rethink and readjust the marketing spend.

The for-profits are also facing a tortuous headwind of negative publicity. It is really hard to recruit new students when you are in the national news for the poor quality of your curriculum, the high cost of your tuition, the obscene default rate of your students, and lack of job prospects if you are one of the tenacious students who actually graduate.

These challenges should be viewed as an opportunity for the non-profit sector. Now is the time for schools that rely on non-traditional student enrollment (especially multi-campus institutions) to invest in marketing, differentiate themselves, build brand equity, and enroll more students!

Read CNN’s full story here.

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