Spelman Strengthens Brand with PS&L


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Spelman College in Atlanta, GA occupies an enviable position within the crowded higher education landscape. Their long history of providing a high-quality educational experience is reflected in national rankings. It was important for Spelman’s new enrollment marketing campaign to build upon this success…not only relying upon past success, but by presenting a College that is relevant for today’s college-bound high school students. Spelman College partnered with Paskill Stapleton & Lord to help them achieve this important goal.

With a history tracing back over 136 years, Spelman College enjoys a well-deserved reputation for excellence. In fact, for the last ten years, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Spelman as the No. 1 ranked HBCU in the nation. And with an acceptance rate of 41%, Spelman also ranks as the most selective women’s college in the country. In addition, Spelman College has a clear vision of the student experience as it moves forward. The College was mindful of the competitiveness of the higher education landscape and realized it must continue to strengthen the Spelman College brand and differentiate itself within the marketplace.

PS&L created a flight of dynamically designed and branded communication components. Content and design were specifically focused and articulated to address the marketplace needs to bolster Spelman’s brand. Challenging the status quo for campus photography, we deployed a photo treatment that evoked the true emotions of life at Spelman – and a design idiom that clearly distinguishes them from their competition.


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