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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

If 93% of online experiences
begin on a search engine…


Shouldn't your college's SEO strategy be better?

SEO is the marketing tactic with the highest ROI, but is it a core component of your college’s marketing plan? Your prospective students and influencers know the best answer for their question is on a search engine. As expectations in the marketplace change and more and more ad blockers are turned on, your approach to SEO is more critical than ever to maximize enrollment and engagement.


An SEO Audit will identify opportunities for your college to increase visibility, improve performance, and grow trust and enrollment via search. 


We Believe SE0/Search:

maximizes enrollments
shapes your story
makes memorable first impressions

grows affinity through micro-moments
differentiates your approach
builds credibility and trust
bolsters your entire digital ecosystem

Differentiate your college in the marketplace through a customized SEO strategy. You’ll receive insights to leverage the latest trends for your ROI, including:

  • Integrating organic and paid search efforts
  • JSON-LD (structured data)
  • Semantic optimization and voice search

Leading SEO Strategy

If you understand the nuances of your audience’s search behaviors, it really helps you connect with them in much deeper ways.
Matt Howell
Senior SEO Strategist

In a recent webinar, “How SEO Drives Enrollment During a Pandemic,” Matt and fellow panelists discuss how prospective audiences search online for their college and ways to curate your web content to engage them effectively.

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