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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

An audit of your recruiting, admissions, and enrollment marketing efforts is vital to your enrollment health. This three-phased assessment examines efficiencies, enrollment goals, systems and processes, staffing, and other key components, through a thoughtful and thorough discovery process (phase one), intensive campus visit (phase two), and comprehensive enrollment trends report (phase three).

classroom full of empty seats

Our process begins with studying your institution

…and ends with a prioritized strategy for straightforward implementation.

We build off the strengths and talents from each team, but PS&L does the heavy lifting in the collaborative environment we cultivate with clients.

We know there’s more to your institution than just what the data says. That’s why our highly effective consultants are trained to evaluate your unique situation while also investigating key functions relevant to your enrollment health, including:

  • Marketing and recruiting plans
  • Lead generation and prospect management activities
  • Campus-wide engagement
  • Admissions operations
  • Campus visitation programs

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Discover what actionable next steps are needed for your institution to move forward.

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