Pratt Community College

Declining enrollments were reversed with a 6% increase in Fall enrollments in the first year

As a community college, Pratt’s service area was not going to increase and all signs were that the population was not going to increase either. The immediate need was to build back enrollments with an eye on future growth.

Paskill Stapleton & Lord consultants were brought to campus to conduct an Admissions and Marketing Assessment, followed by 18 months of enrollment consulting. Once the issues and obstacles to building enrollments were understood, the College enrollment team and PS&L consultant used the findings in the report to develop strategies and execute a plan toward raising enrollments.


Because of limited resources and declining state assistance, this was accomplished by utilizing the single most important resource: the admissions team. PS&L conducted training workshops throughout the year, established attainable goals, and developed a course of action to meet those goals. To support the recruiting efforts we created a communications flow of electronic and print materials, established a new campus tour, trained students and recruiters in the campus visit experience, and established new visit options.

pratt-post-card-4With more than 75 years of history, Pratt Community College is a two-year public, comprehensive community college and an area vocational school. PCC offers a well-rounded general education for the student planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. For our technical students, we provide the skills needed to enter directly into the workforce. Pratt Community College is proud to be a part of the community in Pratt, Kansas.

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