Meet PS&L’s Summer Interns

Meet PS&L’s hardworking interns Maddie and Luke. They are on board this summer to help with client account management, social media, market research reports and all sorts of tasks to gain experience, and to help the PS&L consultants.

Maddie Black is a marketing major at Jacksonville University. She will be a junior in the fall. Maddie has learned how to create and post social media for the firm, and how to interpret and present client research report data.


“ . . . I like working with PS&L because I get to do a bunch of different things and I am not doing the same things every day. I like all the experiences and opportunities because I know it is preparing me for when I graduate. Communication is one thing that I have found to be veryimportant, especially in a marketing firm because there is always more than one person who is working on a particular 
project and everyone needs to be on the same page.”

Luke Cline will be a junior this fall at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. His major is communication design with a concentration in graphic design and interactive design. Luke has been executing details for PS&L’s Making of a Super Recruiter Conference, as well as organizing client content for new viewbooks that are under development.
“Since starting my internship, I have learned far more than I ever knew about marketing. Not only have I gotten to experience a 9 to 5 marketing job, but I have also learned how the entire company works on a day-to-day basis. I was surprised by the attention to detail that can help a university or college increase enrollment. From colors, to audience and size, all the qualities of a university’s brand are considered when a project is started. The level of research required, as well as the detail of reports also surprised me. As a current college student, I can give my unique perspective on what works well too. This has been a tremendous opportunity.”

Maddie and Luke’s ambition and enthusiasm are motivating us all!
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