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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Community College audiences are diverse and represent a range of different needs and expectations. How does your enterprise website accommodate all audiences seamlessly, while also advancing student recruitment?

During our free, live webinar, “UX Strategies for Community Colleges That Engage Every Audience,” PS&L’s leading UX Strategist Kelly Kautz will share:

  • strategies to organize and guide online journeys
  • tactics that build awareness and enroll new students
  • takeaways from successful community client projects
  • next steps in improving UX on community college websites

About Our Speaker:


Kelly Kautz is a former freelance writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times and now brings a mastery of content strategy, information architecture, and SEO to her role as UX strategist. Kelly serves as web audit project lead for PS&L’s two-year college clients.

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