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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Before the pandemic, Paskill Stapleton & Lord President Jim Paskill was on a college campus 15 to 20 days of almost every month. Since 1986, the enrollment marketing firm has supported 675 colleges and universities in 48 states.  A tremendous amount of campus visits, but to Paskill it is one of the best parts of his job.

“One of the things that I love about working in higher education is being on college campuses,” he said earlier this week to current students at Dominican College. “It’s a very energetic environment and we get to see the results of the work we do for schools when we see students on campus.”

Paskill was asked to serve as guest lecturer during a marketing class taught by Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky, senior vice president at AllianceBernstein and the author and co-author of many investment-related articles.

Based in New York, Dominican College is operating on a remote if-possible schedule. Rudolph-Shabinsky taught his 24-person marketing class alone in the classroom with students logging in from home and from dorm rooms.

Paskill, who presented from the agency’s Glenside office, discussed with the aspiring marketing professionals how advertising agencies have evolved and where there are growing areas of opportunity in the industry, for higher education enrollment marketing, and in their individual job searches.

“In terms of coming out of school with a marketing degree, try not to limit yourself,” Paskill counseled. “Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have clear direction. Marketing is one of those fields where you may in your career, change your position a dozen times. Look for that firm with the opportunity to move around. Go in saying, ‘this is my skillset and I’m willing to try different things.’ That’s going to make you a much more appealing candidate.”

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