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We’re halfway through the workweek and it’s one of the coldest days of the year, making coffee more imperative than ever. For Paskill Stapleton & Lord, our office Keurig is often the MVP, the most valuable product! But on days when it’s not immediately functioning, (ultimately it always delivers) we especially appreciate how it brews our collective creative process.

PS&L Vice President of Creative Services Bob Oxman took the above photo today to express his frustration as the Keurig was gearing up for the day and Bob had to wait.

“Coffee represents the time in which we at PS&L stop to compose ourselves and think without distraction – or in some cases stop thinking altogether as a moment to refresh,” he says. “It can be social or solo.”

Bob Oxman Bob (pictured here) demonstrated this point during a creativity summit at partner company JPL in Harrisburg when he stopped his presentation to make a cup of coffee. “It’s a best practice for creative endeavors of any ilk – even research,” he adds.

To further support Bob’s deep passion for creativity and coffee, he showcased his brew skills to colleagues with his custom coffee kit, hand-embroidered by his daughter. Filled with all the essentials to make a cup of coffee no matter the location, inside or outside, the kit is adorned with patches indicative of the coffee process, from bean to brew. When traveling in Israel, Bob got acquainted with black coffee and its power to transform a moment. “Coffee is the activity,” he says. “It’s the conversation.”

Keeping the creative team in a marketing firm happily caffeinated is also smart planning. Kudos to PS&L’s Beth Bijak for keeping the office coffee supply flowing!

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