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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

What Not To Do (Website Edition) #1:
Don’t Have A Long Request Information Form

Do you have barriers to completing a request information form?

You probably do, whether it is barriers encountered by prospective students, parents, or internal barriers such as staff training and processes. These barriers could be stopping students from getting to the next step – that is speaking with an admissions counselor or applying. Thus, it is important to optimize the request information pages as much as possible.

Request Information pages should require very little commitment on the part of the student. A request information form on your website should not be longer than most applications, nor should it require a login to inquire.

Students are reaching out for more information, having to do a lot before they get that information may deter them from completing the form. These forms need to be simplified as much as possible.

Review your forms and limit the required questions asked to only ask questions that you absolutely need the answer to.

Keep the request information page visually appealing, easy to use and understand, and quick to complete to improve the ROI.

Want to know more about best practices for enrollment marketing? Contact PS&L’s Janet Sieff at 412-904-3133.

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