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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Community and technical colleges are reorganizing. As a result, their enrollment goals and enrollment management strategies are reshaping their enrollment offices and, in fact, creating the need for more strategic recruiting.

That means the “rules” of recruiting for community and technical colleges have changed…and so must one of a college’s key resources: its recruiting staff.

Here are five questions to ask yourself about your most valuable resource, your people:

1. Where are the efficiencies in our tasks? Throwing more people at a problem is not necessarily the answer, or even an answer.

2. Is there a more appropriate alignment of task and role? Roles of recruiters have changed, and so must your staff. In promoting change, recognize that communication is the key.

3. In what ways can each person be more effective without adding more time to their days or weeks? “Time waits for no man.” That’s not exactly what Chaucer wrote more than 600 years ago, but it’s still true and that includes recruiters. Effectiveness is accomplished through training, especially when there are new roles to be filled, and during transitional periods.

4. Are we as a team and individuals making best use of the time available to us? See number three, above. One way to do this is through training.

5. How do we use flexible scheduling and office hours to best meet the needs of our constituents? It’s all about flexibility as a means of meeting the needs of those you’re serving… in effect, Customer Service 101.

Want to know more about enrollment management for community and technical colleges? Think your staff could benefit from training as a way to have the right answers to these questions? Contact PS&L’s Janet Sieff at 412-904-3133.

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