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Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Whether it is a daily tour or an open house or an admitted student program, traditional undergraduate students want more than people talking at them. They want to be engaged in doing.

When students are asked about their favorite part of an on-campus experience, they typically mention an experience that:

  • Made them feel special
  • Was interactive
  • Was different from what they experienced at other colleges

PS&L did a study a few years ago regarding the campus visit experience and how it affected college choice. In addition to learning what they liked, we also learned what they didn’t like: talking heads. If you look at a typical agenda for a prospective student visit, the majority of the time is spent listening to other people talk.

If you go to a science museum or any kind of Hall of Fame, you will most often find people huddled around the interactive exhibits. It’s nice to look at something, but we really want a more hands-on experience. The same goes for a campus visit experience. Prospective students and families may enjoy seeing buildings, labs, and classrooms, but being able to experience something firsthand is more memorable, more impactful, and more fun.

To make prospective students feel special they have to be singled out, but not in the “called on by the teacher” way. Rather, provide them with an experience that is meaningful to them; it can be academic major, activity interest, or community-specific. It allows them to interact with like-minded people, and that makes them feel special.

PS&L offers assessments to determine the overall enrollment marketing impact of your current campus visit, website, and admissions efforts. We can offer recommendations for best immediate and long-term results. Let’s connect on how we could help your school.

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