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…but we already have a website

Over the past 30 years, Paskill Stapleton & Lord has worked with over 475 colleges and universities around the country, and every one of them has a website. So why do you need landing pages and/or microsites when every piece of information regarding your institution is already available on your .edu website?

The answer is contained in…“every piece of information.”  College and university .edu websites serve a wide variety of constituents… future students, current students, alumni, faculty & staff, prospective donors – just to name a few. So a college website contains thousand of pages and hundreds of thousands of words! It must be “all things to all people.”

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Targeted Audience, Targeted Message… Better ROI
Landing pages and microsites give you the ability to target specific audiences with relevant content; all of the content is dedicated to a single purpose. This strategy will improve the performance of your enrollment marketing efforts.

The purpose of well-conceived microsites and landing pages is clear; capture prospective student data. Due to the targeted nature of the audience and content, inquiries from microsites and landing pages convert at a much higher rate than most other sources. In fact, Omniture reports that, “Online advertising that uses landing pages typically see a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%.”

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Measuring Marketing ROI
Campaign-specific reports are easier to produce and more accurate when landing pages or microsites are involved. When someone lands on the .edu homepage, they have so many potential navigation choices it’s easy to lose track of them, which in turn skews analytics data.

Testing to Improve Performance
The ability to quickly and affordably make changes on microsites and landing pages allows for performance testing that isn’t practical on your .edu site… test the effectiveness of videos versus photos, changes in form fields, or even the color palette.  Or test two different landing pages within the same campaign and compare performance. Try doing that with your .edu site!



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