Improving Yield Rates in an Uncertain Season

Facing an uncertain application and yield season at your institution?

You are not alone.

Improving yield rates in a season of uncertainty can seem like a daunting task. Paskill Stapleton & Lord has worked with many different types of institutions that face unpredictability in the upcoming enrollment year due to a number of different factors. Whether it is changes in leadership, increased competition, or national laws such as the new overtime law; higher education institutions need to adjust their strategies and policies to environmental changes. However, it is often difficult for institutions to make these changes without involving third-party resources.

That is where PS&L comes in. PS&L provides assessments and evaluations based on the institution’s specific needs. For example, Green Mountain College was experiencing a change in its leadership team and PS&L was able to assist by establishing a new recruitment program and communication flows along with other outcomes. Read more in Green Mountain College’s Case Study to see how PS&L helped Green Mountain achieve a 4.4% increase in first-time freshman yield.

Green Mountain College Yield Rates


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