I applaud the trustees of The College of Saint Rose

Saint Rose Trustees Announce Changes in Academic Programs to Boost Enrollment and Reduce Deficit

The Saint Rose web site features an article, “Trustees Announce Changes in Academic Programs to Boost Enrollment and Reduce Deficit.” The significance of these actions could not be clearer… they looked reality in the face, and did not flinch, a bold and courageous move

Faced with programs with NO enrollment, and other programs with low and falling enrollment the trustees did what any businessperson would do if a product wasn’t performing; they cut.  Reorganization is always painful, but the trustees built a plan that both allows current students in the affected programs the ability to finish their degrees, and gives a generous amount of time to affected faculty to examine their skills and make plans for their futures.

The future for small liberal arts schools like the College of Saint Rose is like taking a walk along the edge of a precipice.  A step or two in the wrong direction, or blindly following the old path, and you go over the edge.  Without a doubt, it is better to open your eyes, be proactive with your research, strategize and then, if need be, change direction. If your audience pool of prospective students cannot support a program, it should go.

Is this the end of liberal arts education at Saint Rose?  No.  If you look at the programs that will be cut; almost half are graduate programs and a good portion are in business and the STEM disciplines.

What the trustees at St. Rose did was difficult but necessary for the continued health of the College as a whole. Perhaps other colleges should consider following their lead.

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