Clients see immediate visualization of their ideas

Long-time client and creative partner Steve Bell, Executive Director Marketing and Communications at Neumann University had a great idea the other day. To launch Neumann’s unique “Maymester” compressed semester option; he was inspired by the recent Oscar telecast. Steve’s idea was to do a classic movie poster to flood the campus along with a postcard version going out to current students.

After a short and fun exploration of classic poster styles, I settled my inspiration on the classic “ Attack of the 50ft Woman” a ‘60s sci-fi classic. With one detail devoid sharpie sketch, Nick DeNucci, our resident vector genius came up with this gem.

I’m never sure exactly how Nick does it; he draws as well with a mouse as he does with litho crayon and all with unbelievable speed, dexterity and unbridled imagination. His charts, graphs and infographics are off the hook!

As an Art Director the ability to match your client’s creative ideas with accurate and efficient execution is critical. Having an in-house illustrator like Nick closes the gap between “hey I have this wild idea” and “hey that’s exactly what I imagined”.

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Robert Oxman,

Bob is the Creative Services Team Leader with more than 18 years experience of delivering creative solutions in higher education marketing. Works mostly in print publications, video production, and advertising (print, radio, and broadcast). Most people call him Bob, but he responds to other terms of endearment.