The Forgotten Prospective Student

Children of faculty and staff are overlooked as prospects

During a recent conversation with a former client, we were talking through a checklist of fall activities. I reminded him of the importance of a very sensitive recruiting issue!

Forgetting to reach out to the children of faculty, staff and Board of Trustee members who are high school seniors.

While we know that many times the students of faculty and staff want to “go away” to college or look at someplace new, that doesn’t mean they should not be recruited.

You might find a few good leads; students who are on the fence about what they want to do, but with some effort applied it may help them to see your school as a viable option for them.

But this is also a reminder that we have to live what we say to the cabinet, Board committees, etc. – that we’re exploring all our options. We’ve heard it many times before “. . . Admissions wasn’t even communicating with my son/daughter.” In these cases it doesn’t really matter if the students are not yet considering your school – the effort will reinforce your plan and commitment and possibly open the eyes of a student to another option.

Just a reminder!

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David Black,

With nearly 30 years experience in educational marketing, enrollment management consulting and staff development, Dave directs market research with a focus on imaging and perception research, branding and positioning studies, market sizing assessments, and feasibility studies. He also leads focus groups and authors research, assessment reports and consults on enrollment management, marketing, organizational development, and collaborative team development.