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Are you happy with the results of your fall class? Sleeping well?

Whether your answer is Yes or NO, it is prudent to evaluate what worked and what did not in order to decide what to reinforce or change for next year.

In this session, we share case studies of how undergraduate and graduate enrollment offices use assessments for objectivity and as a first step for impacting enrollment outcomes. This approach will:

  • Get attention and buy-in from other colleagues on campus
  • Improve efficiencies in the admissions office
  • Provide a starting point for change
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Amanda Porraspita,

Amanda Porraspita is a skilled market research analyst with a strong background in data analysis researching. At PS&L , Amanda compiles and presents data for academic research projects including feasibility studies, imaging and perception research, branding and positioning studies, and website assessment projects. Amanda also authors reports; including data analysis, creation of observations, and development of recommendations.