Demystifying Digital Enrollment Marketing

No one college is the same, and no one digital strategy works for all. The PS&L difference is our phased-approach that ensures meaningful results for your marketing investment.

Expectations are high. Options are endless. Budgets are finite. The PS&L digital enrollment marketing suite hyper-focuses on your distinct goals to build a winning digital approach through four in-depth steps: assess and audit; strategy and plan development; creative design and implementation; and performance monitoring and optimization.

The list of digital marketing options is long, and growing longer…We could dazzle you with all of the tools out there, or we can use our expertise to build your strategy.

Download The PS&L Digital Enrollment Marketing Suite
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Cathy Donovan,

A higher education professional with more than a decade serving in various communications roles at a Big 10 university. At PS&L, Cathy is busy implementing a marketing plan to promote the company’s visibility and various offerings, from training workshops to assessment services to our annual conference, through trade shows, email marketing, and digital strategy. Cathy also manages psandl.com, social media efforts, and agency publications. She can be reached at [email protected]