Our Phased Approach to Digital Marketing Ensures Meaningful Results

No one college is the same, and no one digital strategy works for all. The PS&L difference is our phased approach that ensures meaningful results for your marketing investment.

Colleges and universities are under more pressure than ever to enroll students –students whose smart phones are appendages and whose attention largely gravitates toward online.

The good news is that the digital marketing opportunities are boundless. All marketers have the same ever-evolving list of tools, but the real difference is how those tools are used. The Paskill Stapleton & Lord approach is measured. Of course we utilize every effective tool available – even traditional advertising when it makes sense – but our focus remains steady on clients’ goals, budgets, and timelines. Through a streamlined four-phased approach we deliver comprehensive digital strategies that are tailor-made and results-driven. Here’s how we do it:

Step One: Assess & Audit
PS&L examines any digital efforts undertaken so far and how they might align with recruitment and enrollment goals as well as marketing budget decisions.

Step Two: Strategy & Plan Development
With our understanding and use of all digital tools available, PS&L determines what will get your institution the right results seamlessly and cost-efficiently.

Step Three: Creative Design & Implementation
The fun part. PS&L’s highly skilled artists and programmers produce stunning and format-specific work to represent your brand in innovative ways that captivate prospects.

Step Four: Performance Monitoring & Optimization
Our daily campaign surveillance (and your real-time access) will yield a steady flow of data and adjustments for always-improving outreach. Weekly, monthly, and deep dive reporting leave no stone unturned when it comes to communicating your ROI.

Some of the digital tools we employ include:

– Search Engine Marketing (pay-per-click)
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Animated Display Advertising
– Paid Social Media
– Organic Social Media
– Retargeting
– IP Targeting
– IP Prospecting
– Audience Targeted Email
– Geo-Fencing
– Content Marketing
– YouTube Video Advertising

Reach out to us today to talk about what options make sense for your institution.

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James Paskill,

With more than 25 years of success in higher education marketing, Jim works directly with clients in all aspects of a campaign, including research/discovery, planning and strategy, creative development, design, production and implementation, media research and placement.