PS&L’s CUPPIE Awards Span Media Spectrum

It’s award season and it’s good to be a winner.

First things first: we share this joy and honor with our valued clients—truly teamwork in action.

These awards are primarily given for the visual acuity of design, affirming that PS&L creates exciting visuals. From my perspective, however, what is additionally important is the categories for which we won these awards. We prevailed in producing visually-engaging work that uplifted brands, created unique brand experiences, and addressed a wide variety of prospect audiences, including parents. Overall, we moved the recruitment needle in the right direction for our clients.

PS&L has a dedicated creative staff and we deserve to enjoy these well-earned industry accolades from our peers. Our winning selections spanned the media spectrum from the physical campus—to print—to broadcast television. Kudos, team!


Print – Postcard Agency-Produced for University of North Carolina School of Arts


Print – Postcard Agency-Produced for Spelman College Recruitment Postcards


Advertising – TV Agency-Produced for US Coast Guard Academy TV Spot-ESPN


Print – Poster for University of North Carolina School of Arts


Print – Brochure Agency-Produced for University of North Carolina School of the Arts Dance Brochure


Print – Viewbook Agency-Produced for Pennsylvania College of Art and Design


Wild Card for US Coast Guard Academy Lamp Post Banner Series 



CUPRAP is a voluntary organization of communications professionals from colleges, universities and independent schools dedicated to advancing the understanding of higher education and enhancing the professional development of its members.

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