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From game-day pride to alumni giving, and recruiting efforts, the right identity leaves a communicative mark that strengthens your brand.

An institution’s public perception rests heavily with their visual identity. For that reason, we conscientiously design logotypes, wordmarks, and athletic identities that are versatile, clear, and memorable.

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Institutional Identity

PS&L institutional identities embody the principles and spirit of a college or university.

We help clients communicate the history, tradition, and values that are the fundamental basis of their brand. With over 25 years of experience, PS&L understands that a college’s institutional identity doesn’t just need to perfectly reflect the school’s mores; it must also inspire pride, embody spirit, and solicit an ongoing impression within the community.

Athletics Identity

Identify opportunities for institutional growth, expansion, and improvement in a strategic and competitive context.

Rally the student body’s competitive spirit and stir the sentiments of fans with an athletic identity that will stand the test of time. PS&L ensures that your athletic logos look great on every uniform, bit of swag or spirit wear, and inspires the camaraderie that creates lasting bonds and institutional loyalty through a common, unifying experience.

Stakeholder Buy-in

Strong identity galvanizes its people, but cohesion must be achieved from within the institution first.

A logo is an institution’s most widespread public-facing representation of its brand. PS&L's design cycle ensures that all vested stakeholder interests are represented. By involving key stakeholders at the onset of the project, we can develop a comprehensive representation of the institution's character that will be embraced from within.


Well-told stories make powerful action-inspiring emotional connections with prospective students, their families, and donors. Let us tell yours.

Whether it’s a broadcast television commercial, web video, or capital campaign promotion, we help our clients identify how their institution stands apart from their competitors. We’re experts at communicating your university marketing messages through creative, relevant narratives that inspire viewers everywhere.

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Broadcast and Cable

Television reaches a wide audience. Let’s ensure your commercial message is focused, targeted, and engaging.

Our television commercials deliver clear messaging to specific audience segments. Each spot is developed to make an emotional connection with the viewer – a connection that translates into action.

Web Videos

Communicate efficiently by delivering shareable, targeted messaging that’s compatible with any internet-capable device.

Online, streaming video gives you the opportunity to provide prospective students with rich audio/video content at various stages of the college search process. Web videos can be linked from virtually any marketing channel and on virtually any device, leading to the highest possible “viewed” rates.

Capital Campaign Videos

Research indicates that institution donors need to be apprised of an engaging charitable cause before they donate. Let our expertise prove the theory.

Capital campaign videos portray the direct correlation between donation and outcome. Community outreach programs, missions of goodwill, and expansion projects provided in a short, impactful visual format can move an audience to participate in something that’s greater and more lasting than that which they can achieve on their own. Video connects on an emotional level, and that translates into increased donations.


Leave a lasting impression in the first place that prospects look for information about your school.

They may have heard about your college or university through their parents, fellow students, college counselors, teachers, or advertising, but when prospective students first connect with your school, it’s more often than not online. 

 Communication with higher education prospects, students, and alumni exists more and more online – through websites, email, social media, interactive maps, video, and mobile. And these methods of communication are becoming less and less separate. 

It’s a complex network of communication tools and your opportunity to tell your institution's unique story.

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Web Assessment

The first step in a web redesign is often a comprehensive assessment. This is when you find out what’s working and what’s not in your university website.

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Web Development, Design, and Redesign

A website, when developed correctly, is a beautifully designed platform that constantly engages prospects. Learn how we can collaborate with you to create an online conversion machine that encourages prospects to apply, alumni and students to communicate, and donors to give.


Much maligned, print publications maintain a critical role in higher education marketing.

"Print is Dead" say the purveyors all things digital. Not so fast. Sure, the role of publications has changed, but news of its demise is very premature! PS&L research has confirmed that they still play an integral role in today’s enrollment marketing. Even with the growing importance of digital media channels, publications are more responsible than ever for branding, imaging, and forging the emotional connection between the institution and prospective students and their parents.

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Part of the Communications Flow

We clarify and build brands by building off the answers a few questions.

Publications are not one-offs but must fit into a measured communication flow.

 That's why we start by gaining a complete understanding of your school, prospects and results you wish to achieve. Together we discover what motivates your prospects, so we can hone the images and messaging that will help a publication, or series of publications, meet your enrollment planning goals

Broad Experience

Over the years we have maximized the effectiveness of outreach to specified audiences with:

  • Traditional Undergraduate Admission Recruitment Packages
  • Campus Visit and Road Brochures
  • Campus and Regional Map Illustrations
  • Departmental and Program Brochures
  • Graduate and Non-traditional Admission Recruitment Packages
  • Alumni and College Magazines
  • Annual and President's Reports
  • Capital Campaign and Annual Fund Publications
  • Inaugural Packages


Many firms can design and produce advertising, but at PS&L, we embrace the mantra of advertising genius David Ogilvy – "If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative."

Today’s multi-media advertising campaigns require a unique combination of creative talent. Talent well versed in both the digital and traditional creative environments. PS&L creative teams work seamlessly in both environments…and most importantly, they understand the role both traditional and digital advertising play in the implementation of a successful campaign.

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Online and Traditional Media

A successful strategy employs both online and offline media channels.

We believe in the power of good design, and we also believe that, in the best design, form follows function. Yes, our work is known for catchy, clever headlines and intriguing, eye-catching production. But more importantly, our work focuses on creating advertising that gets results. Our success is measured only by the success of our clients. Whether it is a tactical campaign, such as driving prospects to an information session, or an imaging program designed to raise institutional awareness prior to a capital campaign, advertising done right pays for itself many times over.


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