Compelling, and Comprehensive, Campaign in Action!

An advantage to living in the proximity of your higher education partner is seeing for yourself a compelling campaign in action!

PS&L is proud to deliver another comprehensive, three-month media campaign for Harrisburg University’s Philadelphia campus, which includes transit, social, SEM, retargeting, and more.

The campaign’s two components target neighborhoods inside Philadelphia and regions immediately outside of the city. The creative’s bold design transforms buses and utilizes animation on transit shelters and digital marketing for prospective students traveling on or near campus.

The first campaign created for this higher education partner not only was recognized with a 2018 Educational Advertising Award, results from the integrated marketing campaign also included meeting enrollment goals.

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A higher education professional with more than a decade serving in various communications roles at a Big 10 university. At PS&L, Cathy is busy implementing a marketing plan to promote the company’s visibility and various offerings, from training workshops to assessment services to our annual conference, through trade shows, email marketing, and digital strategy. Cathy also manages psandl.com, social media efforts, and agency publications. She can be reached at [email protected]