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College Bound


  If you saw our cartoon you know it is laughable that any organization is still getting around to electricity. Even 60 years ago that premise would have been implausible. Here are some more laughable ideas and quotes from the past. Enjoy! What can be more palpably absurd than the prospect held out of locomotives […]

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Chinese menu tuition?

» Click to enlarge CARA STAPLETON’S MUSHROOM BREAD INGREDIENTS: One long loaf of artisan bread 6 plum-sized  Crimini mushrooms 1/3 stick of salted butter ¾ teaspoon of dried basil ¾ teaspoon of dried thyme DIRECTIONS: Finely chop the mushrooms. Melt butter in microwave in a bowl big enough to hold chopped mushrooms. Add all ingredients […]

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Famous Roommates

Click to enlarge I think you’d be surprised to learn of some famous pairings on college campuses. Al Gore & Tommy Lee Jones – Harvard Christopher Reeve & Robin Williams – Julliard Owen Wilson & Wes Anderson – University of Texas – Austin Joe Montana & Charlie Weis – Notre Dame Then there are the […]

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Click to enlarge The giant wave of kids “fwooshing” back to school made me think of some Philly-isms. I grew up and have always lived in the Philly area. We say “went down the shore.” or “up the mountains.” – not “down to,” or “up to.” We say “wudder” for water. As a counselor talking […]

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Is your job going backwards?

To see full size click here A long time ago, in another life before I was in higher education marketing, I was taking photographs of an expert in relationship management (their words) at a corporate event.  He had a great pitch to start his presentation, “Opposites attract  –  for the first two marriages.” What’s that […]

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Logos on the Beach

Click to enlarge Buzz University, Clock Tower U, Generica; our cartoon mocks the branding messages we all wear but your brand is no laughing matter. When you put your good name, image or logo on sportswear or anything else it speaks to everyone about the promise your institution holds. Your name evokes thoughts, feelings maybe […]

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CB Goes Green

Click to enlarge My grandparents lived in Juniata, one of the nice row house neighborhoods of Philadelphia. When I was a kid, my family would drive our one car down to visit them from the suburbs. I used to think it was cool that when we finished our visit that our car was covered in […]

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