Recent Project: Who Do Art Schools Hire to Design Their Publications?

It’s about respect

The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design engaged PS&L to concept and design a new flight of undergraduate recruitment publications. After a robust period of research and discovery PCA&D’s new look evolved nicely, with a focus of a professional presentation of student-generated artwork.

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Founded in 1982, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is a private, professional art college offering a BFA degree, certificates, credentials, and curricula that enable students of all ages to pursue art as their life’s work. PCA&D is located in Lancaster, PA.

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Robert Oxman,

Bob is the Creative Services Team Leader with more than 18 years experience of delivering creative solutions in higher education marketing. Works mostly in print publications, video production, and advertising (print, radio, and broadcast). Most people call him Bob, but he responds to other terms of endearment.