Case Study: UNCSA Comprehensive Marketing



Market Research and Discovery
Qualitative Research | Quantitative Research

  • In-person Interviews, Focus Groups and Online Surveys
  • Assessment of Existing Marketing Materials and Communications
  • Assessment of Current Media and Advertising Plans
  • Leadership Summary and Report on Market Presentation
  • Strategy Development
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Media Performance


Theme/Concept Development and Design
Editorial Copy | Publication Design | Preparation of Digital Files

  • Viewbook
  • Five Conservatory Brochures
  • Seven Posters
  • Parents Brochure
  • Acceptance Package
  • Visit Brochure
  • Postcards Series

The goal was to create a design idiom that echoes UNCSA’s
focus on both talent and the results of hard work

UNCSA offers undergraduate degrees in the Schools of Design and Production, Dance, Film, Music, and Drama. Graduate degrees are available in Design & Production, Filmmaking, and Music. UNCSA also offers high school diplomas in Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Music. Applying to UNCSA is a little different from applying to a traditional college or university. Because they are an arts conservatory, they conduct in-person auditions and interviews with all of their applicants. It’s the best way to evaluate the true artistic gifts and professional potential of young artists. The auditions and interviews are held either on campus in Winston-Salem, N.C., or in major cities across the United States.

Picture of Page Author

Robert Oxman,

Bob is the Creative Services Team Leader with more than 18 years experience of delivering creative solutions in higher education marketing. Works mostly in print publications, video production, and advertising (print, radio, and broadcast). Most people call him Bob, but he responds to other terms of endearment.