Case Study: Point Park University Undergraduate Micro Site

Giving them (prospective students) want they want

When it comes to tracking digital marketing efforts, micro sites are invaluable. They enable schools to track a myriad of activities, which in turn provides the ability to gauge the effectiveness of specific media activities.

PPU UG MIcrosite

When developing Point Park University’s undergraduate micro site, the benefits stated above were certainly part of the equation. But there was more to it then just analytics. Today’s .edu websites serve many different audiences with thousands and often tens of thousands of pages.

One of the primary goals of the PPU micro site was to provide prospective undergraduate students with the information they are looking for in one, easy to navigate web site. Not bound by restrictions that often accompany a large enterprise website, the micro site is free to employ features and functionality that deliver this information in a way that engages the prospective student.

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We developed the information clusters to  identity the various audiences groups that would be using the site and to identify the content that would be relevant to these groups. Think of it as a 10k ft. view site map.
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Point Park University is a comprehensive master’s level university with a strong liberal arts tradition, and is located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. Point Park enrolls more than 3,800 full-and part-time students in 82 undergraduate programs and 18 graduate programs offered through its School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Communication and the Conservatory of Performing Arts.

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