Recent Project: Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA



Mount St. Mary’s College approached Paskill Stapleton & Lord in June 2014 to conduct an Admissions and Marketing Assessment of their admission and recruiting process, and the overall impact of marketing on its undergraduate, graduate, adult and online enrollments.

The College is an independent, Catholic, liberal arts college with two campuses in Los Angeles offering an online associates degree, traditional undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and a non-traditional undergraduate program. In January 2015, the College will make the shift to University status. With the change to University and a new branding campaign, the College is also interested in growing enrollments, increasing the geographic diversity of its students and the overall awareness of the institution. Given the Los Angeles area’s competitive higher-education landscape, the College set ambitious enrollment goals for all programs: a 29% increase in enrollment in the next five years.

The goal of the assessment was to offer objective observations and recommendations to the College that covered:

  • A review of all recruiting programs
  • Identification of activities to strengthen enrollment in all the programs
  • Observations of what is working well
  • Challenges inherent in enrolling students at the all-women Mount St. Mary’s and to each of the specific programs
  • Recommendations for strategies to reach the aggressive enrollment goals

The observations and recommendations in our final report supported an academic sales recruitment model and an approach for all the programs at Mount St. Mary’s. We also provided recommendations to address improved website development; staffing and training; goal setting; prospect development and follow-up; new market opportunities; and the development of comprehensive enrollment and recruiting plans.

Upon reviewing the assessment report, Mount St. Mary’s President Ann McElaney-Johnson commented, “Of all the consultants we have worked with, PS&L’s report was the most comprehensive and showed that despite being a complex institution, you really ‘got us.’”

As a result of the assessment, PS&L and their Senior Consultant Dana Evans were retained to work with the College to create robust communication flows, comprehensive enrollment and recruiting plans, and enhanced campus visit programs.

The Admissions and Marketing Assessment is serving as a road map for the future enrollment growth of Mount St. Mary’s.

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