Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Do you live in a higher education marketing bubble? Is that a bad thing? When you are “selling” your campus or more difficult your multi-campus organization, do you see your own bubble?

Ken Wheaton of Ad Age says everyone lives in a bubble and it’s normal. Then he follows up with a great article about bubbles he sees; how bubbles help people see the world and what bubbles mean for advertisers. In higher ed your enrollment health is dependent upon breaking through bubbles.

Here are some of his bubbles: Adland Bubble, East Coast Media Elite Bubble, the Fox News Bubble, the Progressive Hipster or the Right-Wing Blogosphere Bubble. And best of all the Tech Media Bubble because we can all merge our bubble with theirs.

Ken says bubbles are normal and our job as professional higher ed marketers is to recognize our bubble and then break though it. Easier said than done. Its hard because we are up against these other bubbles Ken describes: the woman in the Exhausted Supermom Bubble, who is also inside the Work Sucks Bubble and inside the I Just Want Half an Hour but I Also Need to Check Facebook Bubble. Is there a bubble, The MBA Prospect Who Just Can’t Make a Decision Bubble, the Person Who Wants an MSN, Masters of Science in Nursing But Works Too Long Bubble?  How do you break through those bubbles?

toilet blog

The article goes on to talk about a toilet commercial, of all things, with the point being that ad tech will only get you so far. Ad tech is one of those shiny things that we all love so much. You can target your ad, you can retarget that ad and Google analyze it ad nauseum but at the end of day if you don’t have great creative to break through all those bubbles you message is ignored or forgotten.

That’s why at PS&L we pride ourselves on doing in-depth research so we understand our audiences and then create great creative, that intersects our prospects at the right time with the right message.

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