USCGA Alumni Video Stories

Shooting USCGA’s Alumni Video Stories in Miami, Florida

Shooting minute-long video stories in unique environments is part of the joyous challenges of working with motion as a marketing tool. The United States Coast Guard Academy graduate pilots were my last set of topics to film. If you think wrangling paid talent on the set is a real task, then you’ll appreciate that at any given moment, the subject of our video – could just bolt the set, jump in a helicopter and leave. That’s the way it works with the military, they have their priorities and nothing keeps them from the mission at hand. Orders are orders – so much for a linear, orderly shoot day.

Working out of USCG Air Station Miami, the CO was gracious and helpful in making accommodations for our crew to have access to a few HH65 helicopters, 45ft Tactical Fast Boats and a spectacular 150ft Cutter a few miles off the Florida coastline. Those are great backdrops. It’s impossible to tell about the lives of USCGA graduates without fully illuminating the environment in which they work and live. USCGA graduates have truly unique lives that they love, they give their all for the mission, and they have great pride and deep personal satisfaction.

These videos serve to provide prospects to the Academy a real life view in personal terms of the positive and very cool realities of graduating from USCGA. The most powerful message these videos deliver? This life is available to you…if you apply, enroll, and graduate from the USCGA.

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