Our focus is the long-term enrollment health of our college and university partners.

Across the country, our consultants guide colleges and universities to improved enrollment outcomes by visiting campuses, meeting with stakeholders, and conducting in-depth analyses.

Through our assessments, you will receive an insightful report of observations and recommendations, a follow-up visit, and a strategy discussion of how to implement changes for optimal impact on your enrollment goals.

Admissions & Marketing

Comprehensive solutions to your distinct challenges delivered in actionable next steps and an overall plan for success.

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An audit of your recruiting, admissions, and enrollment marketing efforts is vital to your enrollment health. This three-phased assessment examines efficiencies, enrollment goals, systems and processes, staffing, and other key components, through a thoughtful and thorough discovery process (phase one), intensive campus visit (phase two), and comprehensive enrollment trends report (phase three).

We know there’s more to your institution than just what the data says. That’s why our highly effective consultants are trained to evaluate your unique situation while also investigating key functions relevant to your enrollment health, including:

  • marketing and recruiting plans
  • lead generation and prospect management activities
  • campus-wide engagement
  • admissions operations
  • campus visitation programs
  • staffing and organizational structure
  • website and social media

We build off the strengths and talents from each team, but PS&L does the heavy lifting in the collaborative environment we cultivate with clients. Our process begins with studying your institution and ends with a prioritized strategy for straightforward implementation.


Uncover the needs of your users and determine your site’s strengths and weaknesses. From the big stuff to the little stuff and everything in between.

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Without question your website is your brand at work. Your style, your values, your ease of use speaks volumes about your institution within seconds. Your institutional website delivers first impressions and university/college messaging for a range of audiences: most importantly, your prospects. PS&L’s experts will uncover the needs of your users and determine your site’s strengths and weaknesses, from the big stuff to the little stuff and everything in between.

Our website assessment examines pivotal aspects of your site from content to accessibility to SEO optimization. While we provide a range of recommendations to advance the effectiveness and aesthetics of your website, here are the core components we consider:

  • prospective student enrollment process and services
  • brand and marketing
  • UX/UI design and style
  • technology infrastructure
  • usability, accessibility, and more

You’ll receive a blueprint for a site redesign that includes budget and resource needs, CMS selection, and content strategies.

Campus Visit

A key component of enrollment warrants review. Let us secret shop your tours, guides, and events to ensure perfection.

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In higher education recruiting, the campus visit can lock in or lose your prospective students. Campus visit experiences must be distinctive, memorable, and true to your messaging. If the experience falls short in any category, application quality and yield can suffer.

Secret shopping by an expert who has never been to your campus is the only way to know objectively what is truly happening and not happening during your visit programs and for you to learn what improvements are needed and in what capacity.

Our campus visit assessment will focus on your:

  • tour program
  • tour guides
  • enrollment events
  • event promotion
  • event messaging
  • customer service

PS&L will determine the overall enrollment marketing impact of your current campus visit and offer recommendations for best immediate and long-term results. Your team worked hard to bring prospects and their families to your campus, ensure every visit results in meaningful connections with your institution.

Your Experts

A team of admissions and enrollment marketing experts will become your guides through the assessment process and ultimately serve as your long-term industry resources.

David Black

VP, Consulting and Market Research

Three decades of higher ed marketing experience and four college-age daughters: Dave’s professional and personal insights into how institutions engage and interact with prospects, students, and families make him an exceptional coach for clients.

Jeanne Gosselin

Senior Consultant, Enrollment Management and Marketing

The expertise Jeanne brings to each project is understanding keenly the day-to-day pressures of higher ed admissions offices and what industry best practices matter most. Her attitude is positive, her perspective realistic.

Dana Evans

Senior Consultant, Enrollment Management and Marketing

From extensive in-house higher ed admissions experience to comprehensive enrollment management research capabilities, Dana brings Southern charm and a winning attitude to every project and every opportunity.

Admissions & Marketing Assessment

The Ask: Increase enrollment in adult education online program and measure results.

Our Approach: PS&L conducted an assessment to make the best use of university resources. Our initial recommendation was to create an advertising plan to drive website traffic. But like many institutions, their website was all things to all audiences. A microsite would better support media campaigns and collect prospect information. Competition for online programs was robust, but few schools focused on Christian online education – the faith message we implemented resonated and we quickly optimized efforts for more faith-based messaging.

Results: After six consecutive declining terms, our first term stabilized the enrollments — the second campaign term increased by 9%.

Admissions & Marketing Assessment

“When Des Moines University decided to embark on an institutional brand development process, we held a competitive bid among several national higher education marketing and brand management consulting organizations. From the first exploratory contact through the 14-month process of successfully launching a University brand, Paskill Stapleton & Lord demonstrated their pedigree as trusted counselors and most importantly, partners, with the entire DMU leadership team (and by extension, the campus). Having their national experience for nearly 30 years made all the difference in carving out a distinct voice and market position for DMU.”

— Mark Danes
Chief Strategic Communications Officer,
Des Moines University


The Ask: Web capabilities to keep up with a growing, multi-location Philadelphia College of Medicine.

Our Approach: PS&L’s website assessment addressed staffing issues, the need for a new CMS, new architecture and navigation to encompass all locations, and a reconsideration of prospective students as a main website audience.

Results: A new workflow was established, CMS purchased, and a web manager hired. Growth in user sessions and pages viewed per session. Content was improved and admissions pages grew to account for 21% of total page views and 23% of the sessions. Post-launch paid search also spiked.

Admissions & Marketing Assessment

“The work PS&L has produced for us is superb. Their approach with us was highly collaborative and brought disparate parties within our institution to the table so everyone was heard and respected. They worked closely with the admissions team to clarify the brand attribute messages and build enrollment marketing materials to support our core brand. The organization and discipline they bring to this incredibly complex process is thoughtful and creative — and very much appreciated.”

— Christian DeGregorio
Senior Director of University Admissions,
Marywood University

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